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We strive to provide excellent and comprehensive IT services tailored to your business at very competitive rates, enabling you to stop worrying about your IT and actually get it working harder for you.

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Solving IT possess the experience and knowledge to provide networking support at all levels, from small home and business networks to share printers and files through to wide area networks between offices, including the following services:

  • Network design, supply & implementation;
  • small business systems to larger corporate networks;
  • wide area networks & remote solutions;
  • wired and wireless networking solutions;
  • servers from a range of reputable manufacturers;
  • email & web browsing, including shared internet access;

There are a variety of ways in which your organisation could benefit from installing a network, allowing the computers within your organisation to communicate with each other or with external computers. Some of these are:

Sharing of files and other resources – When computers are networked (connected together) a user can open or copy a file stored on another computer without the use of floppy disks, USB keys etc. In this scenario security need not be a problem as a password can be used to control who can access these files. A network also enables the sharing of resources such as printers and internet connections, meaning that less needs to be spent on IT equipment.

Centralised security, storage, and administration – To allow you to control system security and usage from a centralised location and to provide automated backup of your data a server could be installed. Each user of your system would have a logon (user name and password) which can be used to ensure that only authorised users can gain access to the server and the files stored on it. A user can also have their own folder on the server which is accessible only by them.

Improved communication – Installing a network within your organisation allows email to be used for communication within your organisation, enabling every user to have their own email address.

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Smaller customers do not need to have a support contract with us to benefit from our rapid response times. We know that when you have a problem, you need a solution ASAP.

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All our engineers are certified by Microsoft as well as other hardware and software providers.

This ensures you get the very best advice and support available that conforms to industry standards and best practice.